The secrets of Murano glass: a museum to discover them

The secrets of Murano glass: a museum to discover them

The beauty of Murano glass chandeliers is timeless. Since ages the amazing beauty of these manufactures has come through the quick succession of trends and taste changes just as quick; it has been continuously reinvented, reinterprated, rediscovered. That’s why the secret of a timeless and antique art is still surviving beyond the forms and colours, deeply tied to a place whose natural and cultural glories have always been source of inspiration.

By discovering the antique history of Murano glass art we can highly appreciate the value of each manufacture that becomes an element of a tradition destined to live, something more than a mere piece of furnishings. This too accounts for the magic of Murano Glass Museum, established in the ninenteenth century in a patrician’s palace, ancient residence of Bishop of Torcello Marco Giustinian, now part of the Venice Civic Museums.

The exhibition of the museum, recently renewed, curls along the palace rooms following the birth and the development of glass art, revealing its techniques, secrets and innovations. The splendour of six centuries is displayed, from the fifteenth century, when Angelo Barovier from Murano invented the clear glass and for the first time in history glass was transparent like crystal, till the twentieth century when it met design. A trip into the beauty, among antiques finds and world-famous show-pieces, to discover the secret of an ever-enchanting light.

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