The “Liquid light” by Fabrizio Plessi at Venice

The “Liquid light” by Fabrizio Plessi at Venice

Plunged into the atmoshere of the 56th Biennale, Venice welcomes one of the most famous artist with his project on time and memory, fil rouge of the Exhibition. Plessi in Venice, running till November 22th, takes in two parallel shows named “Liquid life” (Franchetti Palace Gallery at Ca’ d’Oro) and “Liquid light” (Tesa 94 San Cristoforo at Arsenale), where the Italian videoartist develops his favourite theme of water, observing it from new perspectives.

THE PROJECT. The two installations are complementary: an outstanding factual artwork (Liquid light) is contained in the form of a project in the other artwork (Liquid life). Between the 1000 drawings presented in the video-sculpture shown at Ca’ d’Oro, representing the flux of Plessi’s thinkings and entire creative life, there’s also the Liquid light project, shown at Tesa 94 within Arsenale, an artwork by the artist that for the first time in forty years does not bear any trace of monitors or plasma screens.

THE INSTALLATION. In ”Liquid light” a soft and pale blue light glows from below the capsized keels of fourteen wooden boats -the “llaut”- traditional Balearic boats- that Plessi saved from destruction, spread by the hidden neon lights, creating a metaphysical sea. A background sound of the waves turns such mysterious brightness, described by the curator Marco Tonelli as “reminiscent of TV light”, into water.


Italian Luxury Lighting
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