How we work





Guaranteed quality

From idea to project

The work experience we developed in over forty years and the designer and architects’ advice as well allow us to put each client’s idea into a project.

From project to product

Thanks to the modern rendering techniques we can have a three-dimensional model of the prototype: the high-speed prototyping technologies provide us with a full-scale sample of any component in a short space of time, which allows us to determine the producing efficiency.

Each product is unique

Each Ongarato Lighting product is the expression of the many souls that have helped towards its creation step by step and that’s why it’s unique and exclusive.

Quality guaranteed

All our products are tested according to a strict quality control system and then sent to a specialized laboratory undergoing several trials in order to get the CE certification.

Direct line

We provide a customer service from the very beginning: during the various instalments of your project you are personally served by our assistants.

Our clients

We serve Contract, Designer and Architects to customize and to make a project unique and exclusive, perfectly corresponding to the client’s demands.

The phases of our work

  • 1

    The Factory where the product is first designed and finally actually made. A space where laboratory, warehouse and offices work in synergy.

  • 2

    Our show-room and shop, where most of our products are in shown.

  • 3

    Ongarato Lighting brings its light all over the world and 'turnkey' installs its products in every country and setting.

  • 4

    You can find our products throughout the world.

  • 5

    Ongarato Lighting serving the most prestigious international hotels.

  • 6

    Our expert technicians are able to make very good installations, with the greatest experience and care befitting a big Contractor, with 'excellent' lighting results.

  • 7

    Crystal column 14 meters – Budapest

  • 8

    Swarovski crystals column 14 meters - Abu Dhabi / Emirati Arabi