Creating dresses with light, using led and the wearable technology

Creating dresses with light, using led and the wearable technology

Shiny dresses, blazing with a thousand of colour tones continuously changing shadings and hues. You could only imagine them as fabulous dresses until recently. But the LED and the wearable technology have turned what seemed an impossible dream into a new must trend.

IL GALAXY DRESS. The interpreters and pioneers of the future fashion are two designers: the Italian Francesca Rosella and the American Ryan Genz, founders of Cutecircuit brand. Their amazing Galaxy Dress, literally made in light and with 24000 microled sewed on by hand, surprised everyone when shown in the exhibition “First forward, inventing the future” at Industry and Science Museum in Chicago.

VIP CLIENTS. The first woman to fall head over heels in love with their dress has been Kate Perry, for whom the two stylists created, on the occasion of Met Galà, a striking chiffon and silk dress with a rainbow made of over three thousands microleds able to light the cloth by iridiscent colours. After her, Cutecircuit created dresses for the U2, the Subsonica, Laura Pausini and the queue seems set to lenghten.

WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY.The basis of Rosella and Genz’s creations is the idea to marry beauty and technology together in the clothing sector that cannot be regardless of trends and the reasearch of aesthetic quality but that also must be practical and, why not, “smart”, as our mobiles and televisions. That’s why they have created the pochette connected to the smartphone, “speaking” and revealing our thoughts by a luminous writing, or the dress connected to a twitter, and so on.


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