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ONGARATO LightingŪ is without doubt one of the most dynamic in the field of hospitality and contract lighting. Thanks to the versatility of its production, ONGARATO LightingŪ is able to provide clients a wide range of lighting products, all customizable to customer needs.

And so, the Maria Teresa chandeliers, the precious Swarovski crystal chandeliers, beautiful chandeliers of Murano to the production of lighting and modern as the current ceiling, recessed lighting and LEDs.

Stronger than ten years' experience in lighting for hotel, ONGARATO LightingŪ is capable of lamps and lighting fixtures to measure, tailored to the individual customer.


Ongarato Lighting S.r.l. - P.Iva 03690140284

Sede legale, Showroom, Studio di progettazione e Contract Hotel: via Armistizio, 229 - 35142 Padova Italy - tel. +39 049.715360 - fax +39 049.715122 - info@ongarato-lighting.it

Factory: via Del Commercio, 30 - 35036 Montegrotto Terme Padova Italy - info@ongarato-lighting.it